Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 1&2.

Life's Bazaar.

Session 1&2 Recap

Players Present

  • Adam J. – Gnome Sword Sage
  • Adam B. – Kobold Monk
  • Chuck – Elven Fighter
  • Seth – Human Duskblade

Having rescued the priest of St Cuthbert Ruphus Laro from a beating in a dark alley by members of the Last laugh Thieves Guild our four heroes are brought back to the Temple of St Cuthbert and meet the acting high priest Jenya Urikas. (The temple’s high priest Sarcem Delasharn is away on temple business to the west in the region’s capitol of Sasserine).

After the party receives a small reward and some healing, Jenya describes the situation; as the heroes already know, a series of disappearances that started about three months ago has culminated with the disappearance of four children from the Lantern Street Orphanage.

  • Deakon Stormshield – Male Dwarf
  • Evelyn Radevec – Female Human
  • Lucinda Aldreen – Female Human
  • Terram Kharatys – Male Human

Having used a temple artifact, a mace called The Star of Justice, to try and divine the location of the children, Jenya asked the following:

“Where are the children who were abducted from the Lantern Street Orphanage?”

And received this answer:

“The locks are the key to finding them. Look beyond the curtain, below the cauldron. Beware the doors with teeth. Descend into the malachite hold where precious life is bought with gold. Half a dwarf binds them, but not for long.”

Following the clues from the note, the group investigates the orphanage, talking with the staff, including the headmistress, a halfling named Gretchyn Tasgykk, and inspecting the structure looking for all possible entryways and inspecting the locks. Finding the locks of fine quality and apparently untampered with the group pays a visit to the locksmith, the gnome Keygan Ghelve of Ghelve’s Locks.

After initially finding nothing, the group became suspicious of the gnome’s increasingly odd behavior. Finally realizing there is something amiss within the shop, the group looks behind a red curtain the gnome keeps glancing at nervously and is attacked by a Skulk, a humanoid that has an uncanny ability to blend in with its surroundings making them very hard to spot.

Defeating this lone adversary the group finally gets a story from Keygan; a group of individuals comprised of Skulks and shorter hooved creatures called Dark Creepers kidnapped his familiar, a rat named Starbrow and thereby coerced his cooperation. He gave to them a set of skeleton keys that would open most of the locks he has made (which encompasses a significant portion of the city). This allowed them to abduct citizens from Cauldron and bring them below, into an old gnomish enclave called Jzadirune for purposes he is unaware of.

Little is known of Jzadirune except that it was abandoned by the gnomes about 75 years ago under mysterious circumstances. The term “Vanishing” is used a lot in describing the event.

Entering through the secret door found below a set of stairs within the shop, the group explores the ruins encountering and defeating more skulks and dark creepers. They also find strange runed gear doors that seem to be trapped unless opened by the appropriately runed key. They also encounter and defeat spiders, a choker and some strange metal mining construct. Overcoming these and a few gnomish tricks and traps, they eventually encounter a creature that looks like a dark creeper but is taller. He calls himself Yuathyb and seems to be suffering from some disease or ailment that is causing his body to fade away.

The group arranges for his malady to be healed by Jenya and in his gratitude, he tells them where the abductees were taken. He describes the location of an elevator that will take them below to the Malachite Hold, an old Dwarven Stronghold that was once ruled by a dwarf named Zenith Splintershield. The stronghold, now abandoned by the dwarves, has been taken over by hobgoblins that are ruled by a creature of unknown race named Kazmojen. Within the stronghold, Kazmojen sells the abductees as slaves to the many races of the underdark.

During this short break to the surface the party hears some local news; last night the town guard chased off a number of goblins who were scrawling graffiti in an alleyway.

Following Yuathyb’s directions and avoiding a strange pit trap they were warned of, they defeat the hobgoblins guarding the elevator and descend two hundred feet to the Malachite Fortress.

There they defeat a spiked elemental and an unusual “ogre”. Further exploration brings them to a room of goblins, hobgoblins and a number of slaves working in a forge. The goblinoids are quickly defeated and the slaves freed. It is decided the freed slaves will wait by the elevator until the group returns as the mechanism to raise the elevator remains unknown.

Deciding to switch tactics the group bluffs two hobgoblins guarding a door, telling them they have slaves to sell. They are told to check back later. The party decides to change tactics again and surrounding themselves with a globe of Silence they slay the creatures, but not before one of them bangs on the door and shouts a soundless warning. Realizing the silence globe will not penetrate the door they prepare for an assault. Waiting demonstrates the warning is apparently unheeded.

Inspecting some of the other doors in the hall they find some old unused bed chambers and one that is currently occupied by 2 Lemures that prove to be resilient to their attacks. They are eventually defeated. Plans are made to enter through the door that the hobgoblins were guarding.

End of session 1&2.



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