Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 26.

Lords of Oblivion

Session 26 Recap

  • Adam B. – Adamo Preda the Catfolk Swashbuckler (11th)/ Rogue (3rd)
  • Adam J. – Token the Catfolk Warlock (14th)
  • Ben – Bondar Ironskull (Splintershield) the Dwarven Cleric (14th)
  • Pete – Zartan of the Smoking Eye the Human Ranger (7th)/Rogue (6th)/Fighter (1st)
  • Seth – Whisper the Human Duskblade (14th)
  • Gretchen – Human Paladin (13th)
  • NPCYakov Smirnoff the Goblin manservant
  • NPCKazmuk Splintershield the Dwarven Cohort, Favored Soul (10th)

They case the joint and decide to enter through the glass observatory using a combination of stealth and magic. They sneak down the stairs and almost immediately find the room where the guests are all gathered.

Zartan listens at the door and hears a woman’s voice.

“More than five centuries ago, the demodands sent a few of their kind to our reality. Disguised as humans, they mated with humans and other denizens of this plane. Most of their spawn were stillborn, but a few survived. They mated and produced the next generation with demodand blood. As the generations passed, all obvious traces of their demodand ancestry faded away. Today, we recognize this sacred lineage by an invisible birthmark: the sign of Carceri! We call these honored descendants ‘the Shackleborn,’ and their sacrifice is key to unlocking a portal to Othrys, the first layer of Carceri. Here, demodands and countless other fiends have languished for near-eternity. In Cauldron, we have found more Shackleborn than anywhere else in the Realms, and in Cauldron, we have the perfect conditions for the Ritual of Planar Junction. For the past five years, the Cagewrights have labored in secret to build thirteen soulcages to drain the life energy from the Shackleborn. These soulcages hang from an artifact called the Tree of Shackled Souls-the device that gathers the life energy needed to unlock the prison doors of Carceri. All of the preparations are now complete. The Shackleborn are safely in our hands and ready to give their lives to change the world forever. All that remains is the ritual itself, and it is already underway. Once the ritual is complete, Cauldron won’t be the same quiet little burg it is today. It will be the unholy font from which darkness gushes forth, a roiling pit filled with doom and despair for our enemies. Almost immediately, fiendish armies will sweep across the land and lay waste to surrounding territories, enslaving the weak, and carving out new dominions. Naturally, we expect resistance on all sides, and that’s where you come in.”

At this point a second, deeper voice speaks up: “All eyes will be on Cauldron. We’ll have their worst fears to toy with.”

The woman continues, “Precisely, as kings raise armies to confront the legions of Carceri, your slavers, merchants, spies and assassins will methodically search for weaknesses from within, soften their resolve, and convince them that their only true choices are to yield or die!”

Having heard enough, the group busts in and completely dominates their opponents. Only a two actually reach the group to fight back. A few escape by magical means, but most are killed where they stand thanks to Chill Tentacles and a lot of area of effect spells. While the most of the group heals up and gathers the loot, Zartan jumps out a window and thrashes the Half-Orcs standing guard outside the front door.

They search the place and come across a room of small animals. A small monkey seems to become overly excited by the sight of Zartan. While, admittedly, this happens pretty much every time monkeys see the Ranger, something is different. Significantly less poop is thrown, for instance. Hoping they have found Yakov, Token casts Dispel Magic on each of the animals. It turns out that most of the animals are Halfings who were used as templates for the oddly docile Halfing servants the party has met. The monkey is indeed Yakov. One of the animals, a small weasel, is non-magical. Yakov just refers to it as his “little buddy” and tucks him into his pack.

Collecting their swag, the group heads back to the Temple to rest and rearm. Next stop House Valanthru.

They case the joint. Flying around and looking in the windows they see a number of orb-like creatures with eyestalks that seem to be patrolling a certain area. They determine there are at least 3. In another room they find a small creature ducking behind a bed. When they burst in through the window to confront it they see it is the long lost Kobold Monk Flava. He tells them he has been held prisoner in the basement of the house and only recently escaped. He says the usually busy house has been quiet as of late and this granted him his opportunity for freedom. The group flies down a level and enters the house through a different window into the library.

End of Session 26.



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