Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 29.

Foundation of Flame.

Session 29.

  • Adam B. – Adamo Preda the Catfolk Swashbuckler (12th)/ Rogue (3rd)
  • Adam J. – Token the Catfolk Warlock (15th)
  • Ben – Bondar Ironskull (Splintershield) the Dwarven Cleric (15th)
  • Pete – Zartan of the Smoking Eye the Human Ranger/Rogue/Fighter (15th)
  • Seth – Whisper the Human Duskblade (15th)
  • Gretchen – Human Paladin (15th)
  • NPCYakov Smirnoff the Goblin manservant
  • NPCKazmuk Splintershield the Dwarven Cohort, Favored Soul (11th)

The party returns to their home to rest. During the night, Zartan is awakened by slight tremors. Though minor quakes are not uncommon in this region, the frequency seems to imply something unusual is occurring.

In the morning as they step outside, they note unusual cloud formations. Then all hell breaks loose. A major quake rocks the town. It causes buildings to collapse and the ground to crack open around the city expelling hot gasses and lava. The heroes receive a sending from Jenya. “Please come to me at once, I believe the city is in great danger.”

The group runs to the temple where they find acolytes running about, packing things up. Jenya approaches and tells the party, “I believe unnatural energies have awakened the fires beneath the town. We must evacuate the town. Please help me spread the word and help citizens get out of Cauldron as quickly as possible.

The group takes to the streets as tremors continue to shake the town. Moving around yawning fissures and volcanic vents the group comes to a building where a man is trying to convince his brother to evacuate the building. His panic stricken brother clutches a baby in his arms as he leans out a second floor window. Whisper and Token fly up and convince the man to leave the premises as the Paladin yells encouragement from below. The family is rescued.

The party spends the next few hours directing town folk and rescuing them from collapsed buildings, crushing fissures, lava pools and fires. They also come across and defeat an enraged fire elemental. At one point fat demons oozing a tar like substance appear in the sky and fall to the ground. Many are killed on impact, but some survive and start to terrorize the citizens. The heroes rush in and dispatch the creatures.

The group deals with a stampede of animals by calming them and herding them out of town. Then an angry mob approaches led by Keygan Ghelve, the gnome locksmith that had been sent to jail for his crimes against the city almost one year ago.

“There they are, they’re the source of all these problems! Let’s get ‘em!”

Through diplomacy and intimidation the mob backs down. They keep any insults and taunts quiet enough so that the heroes won’t hear them as the mob slinks away.

A nearby explosion kills a number of citizens and an avalanche of rubble blocks one whole side of town. Bondar sets the Splintershield clan on clean up detail to clear the way and aid in the evacuation of Cauldron.

At this point the Monster of the Lake decides to put in an appearance. The large fiendish fish-like creature slithers up to land accompanied by a Vrock. Half of the party is paralyzed as the creature utters a Blasphemous word. It is a tough fight, but the creature is defeated.

Finally, as the day nears its end, the group makes its way to an exit. They hear cheers for the Splintershield clan from the townsfolk as the Dwarves have finally cleared a way to safety.

As they approach the gates, they see more trouble ahead.

End of Session 29.



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