Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 3.

Life's Bazaar.

Session 3 Recap

  • Adam B. – Flava Flav the Kobold Monk (2nd)
  • Adam J. – Shade the Gnome Sword Sage (2nd)
  • Chuck – Thalian the Elven Fighter (2nd)
  • Pete – Zartan the Human Ranger (1st)
  • Seth – Whisper the Human Duskblade (2nd)

Having just defeated the Lemures, the party is joined by one of the captives seeking revenge. Mere moments later they find themselves ambushed by hobgoblins that enter from opposite doors in the narrow hall. Two of them prove to be tougher than the rest but all are eventually defeated.

Exploring one of the rooms the hobgoblins entered through, the party finds a large chamber with iron double doors barred on their side. A statue of a dwarf is covered in chains. Removing the chains first, they try to remove the head of the statue as it holds two precious gems in its eye sockets. Disturbing the statue seems to bring about the wrath of the chains as they animate and attack. Since the enemy is made of metal and almost impossible to damage (and seems to bear little treasure) the party beats a hasty retreat.

As it is late in the day and most of their resources have been expended, the party retreats to the surface to recover. Though the mechanism to operate the elevator is still unknown, the party find the chains connected to the elevator platform provide a relatively safe way to climb out, bringing the rescued slaves along with them.

The party rests overnight and receives healing from Jenya and one of her acolytes (Ruphus) in the morning. They also purchase a Wand of Healing for their personal use.

The party hears news of more goblin raids. Once again the town guard has chased off two small groups of goblins writing graffiti on walls and generally attempting to terrorize Cauldron citizens. No injuries are reported among the people of Cauldron and no goblins were captured or killed. Nothing more seems to be known about them.

As they head out once more, Jenya expresses concern for the children as the ones holding them must surely know by now the party has been in the fortress.

Returning once more to the Malachite Fortress, the party finds a dining hall and a number of small rooms for food preparation and storage. They also find a slave being supervised by two goblins. After a brief standoff the goblins slay the slave. One goblin is killed the other is captured.

Smirnoff the goblin, fearing for his life, tells the party that all the slaves have been sold except for the children. Kazmojen is currently trying to sell the children in the Slave Bazaar.

Bursting into the room, the group finds three of the children chained together while a strange creature that looks like a cross between a troll and a dwarf seems to be haggling with a gray skinned dwarf over the fourth.

Pretending to be interested in buying the child the group is able to get close enough for a surprise attack. The Gray Dwarf disappears as Kazmojen and his pet howler engage the party. In the middle of combat a Beholder appears and lays claim to one of the children.

“I have come for Terrem Kharatys. That boy should never have been taken from Cauldron. I intend to see that he is returned safely to his orphanage. The others are of no consequence. You will of course be compensated for the loss.”

There is general disbelief until it is realized that Whisper’s magic is failing under the gaze of the creature. Many expletives follow. A bag of coins appears as if from nowhere and is dropped at Kazmojen’s feet. Kazmojen yells, “Sold!” and the boy and the beholder disappear.

A long combat follows wherein many wounds are suffered and Kazmojen is enraged by the death of his pet howler Prickles. Realizing Kazmojen is healing his wounds almost as quickly as they are dealt, the group turns to fire and acid as their weapons of choice. During the combat the other three children are (somewhat fearfully) led to safety by Flava. After a protracted battle, Kazmojen barely has time to be enraged once more as the group finally kills him, setting fire to his body to ensure he will not return. After Kazmojen’s defeat, the party decides they are once again in need of rest and return to the surface.

The children are returned (Jenya receives word that even Terrem was returned to the orphanage, though the circumstances are not yet clear) and rewards are doled out. A flurry of healing, buying and selling follows. It is also heard that news of their endeavors has not gone unnoticed. A group of nobles (The children of a few of the predominant houses) have formed an adventuring group they are calling The Stormblades.

The Stormblades are a group of noble offspring considered by some (quietly, amongst themselves so the noble’s families don’t hear) to be a bunch of spoiled, self-centered (but rich) brats.

  • Annah Taskerhill – Her parents are some of Cauldron’s most important nobles. Her father is reportedly one of the Lord Mayors close personal friends.
  • Cora Lathenmire – Her parents are well-known weapons traders and arms dealers in the region.
  • Todd Vanderboren – was adopted by one of Cauldron’s newest noble families. Though his parents are considered quite nice he is seen as a child openly rebelling against his parents.
  • Zachary Aslaxin II – His parents run a high-class inn named The Coy Nixie, near the eastern gate of Cauldron.

A trial date for Keygan Ghelve has yet to be set, though it is rumored he will be charged with Third Degree Aiding and Abetting and Third Degree Harboring of Fugitives. It is said he pleads innocent due to extenuating circumstances. (The rumor mill calls it, “The Rat Defense”.)

There is also a rumor of official recognition of the party’s heroic rescue of the children by the Captain of the Guard Terseon Skellerang or maybe even Lord Mayor Severen Navalant himself.

Shops Visited

  • Skie’s Treasury – Magical items and gear. Proprietor: Skie Aldersun, Female Gnome.
  • Zanathor’s Provisions – General Store. Proprietor: Bjellkir Zanathor, Male Human.
  • Weer’s Elixirs – Alchemical items and Potions. Propietor: Vortimax Weer, Male Human.
  • Tygot’s Old Things – Antiquities and Objects de Art. Proprietor: Tygot Mispas, Male Halfling and Lepook his Male Blink Dog companion.

End of Session 3



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