Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 33.

Thirteen Cages

Session 33.

  • Adam B. – Adamo Preda the Catfolk Swashbuckler (14th)/ Rogue (3rd)
  • Adam J. – Token the Catfolk Warlock (17th)
  • Ben – Bondar Ironskull (Splintershield) the Dwarven Cleric (17th)
  • Pete – Zartan of the Smoking Eye the Human Ranger/Rogue/Fighter (17th)
  • Seth – Whisper the Human Duskblade (17th)
  • Gretchen – Human Paladin (16th)
  • NPCYakov Smirnoff the Goblin manservant (Deceased)
  • NPCKazmuk Splintershield the Dwarven Cohort, Favored Soul (11th)

The party continues down the rough-hewn hall to the double doors they believe the mage and her pet Vrock came through. Beyond they find a bedroom lined with shelves and a magical circle inscribed in the floor. Zartan walks over to a desk and a quick search reveals a lot of paperwork talking about the Tree of Shackled Souls, an artifact the Cagewrights will use to open a gate to Carceri.

In the desk he finds a locked drawer. Within, he finds more documents written in Abyssal. Whisper (being fluent in Abyssal) reviews them and realizes they explain how to disperse the energy safely from the tree in the event of an emergency. It would seem destroying the tree or otherwise releasing the energy prematurely would lead to cataclysmic consequences for all with in a few miles of ground zero (the Tree).

In order to shut it down (should the need arise) the Cagewrights built something called a Dispersal Collar to slowly draw the energy off the tree. The documents note that the device is in kept safe with “the Dark Wyrm of Gehenna”. The group has the uneasy feeling they have already made the acquaintance of this particular Dark Wyrm.

They buff, buff and buff some more and then return to the large lava filled chamber and enter combat with the Dragon in earnest. Things look grim at first as Whisper is dropped once again and the party realizes they are fighting a creature with reach as it is wading in lava. Utilizing magic, skill, the Paladin’s ability to Smite and every possible benefit associated with being Hasted, the party manages to overcome the Dragon and loot it’s horded wealth. Within it’s treasure chamber they find a large metallic collar. All goes into the Portable Hole.

Realizing they know of no other paths to follow, they return to search the hall where they fought the mage and her Vrock and find a secret door. They make their way down a few passages and eventually come to another set of double doors. Beyond they find an angry Fire Giant and his minions. After a brief struggle, during which the Paladin sees the down side to Shield Other (of which Zartan had been reaping the benefits), the horde is defeated and Zartan finds a secret door exiting the chamber.

End of Session 33.



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