Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 4.

Life's Bazaar.

Session 4 Recap

  • Adam B. – Human Druid (3rd)
  • Adam J. – Shade the Gnome Sword Sage (3rd)
  • Chuck – Thalian the Elven Fighter (3rd)
  • Pete – Zartan the Human Ranger (2nd)
  • Seth – Whisper the Human Duskblade (3rd)
  • NPC – Yakoff Smirnoff the Goblin manservant, Warrior (1st)

Having realized he has little taste for adventure, Flava the kobold has chosen to return to his bouncer duties at the Tipped Tankard Inn. A local druid chooses to join the party.

Having finished shopping and celebrating, the party returns to Keygan’s shop to find it being boarded up by the town guard. Finding Sergeant Skylar Krewis they seek an audience with the captain of the guard. They are told to be at city hall around noon. They also hear rumors that the Stormblades have been commissioned to enter the underground complex and eliminate the threat posed by access to the underdark.

While waiting for their appointment, they do a little research at Blue Crater Academy’s library where Shade finds a general description of the disease the gnomes suffered during the downfall of Jzadirune. It seems identical to the wasting disease suffered by Yuathyb, the Dark Stalker they had arranged a cure for.

Thalian and Shade then proceed to their appointment with Captain Terseon Skellerang. They receive verification that the Stormblades have in fact been commissioned to further explore Jzadirune and eliminate any threat from the underdark. Captain Skellerang admits that politics were probably involved in the decision and he does not seem happy about it. Recognizing the service the party has preformed for the city, Captain Skellerang grants permission for the group to enter and wrap up their business below by sunrise the following morning, with the added condition that the group would look into the goblin problem that seems to be plaguing the city. They are to find out how the goblins are entering the city and stop them. They will receive a bounty of 5gp per goblin ear. When Yakoff hears of this he pulls his helmet down over his goblin ears and makes his best attempt to fade into the background.

Returning to the Malachite Fortress they continue exploring. They encounter two metal constructs hidden by illusory walls and manage to get past them to find the prison cells. The cells are empty and they return to explore other areas. A torture chamber containing a dead body is found, as well as some type of throne room/bed room/trophy room. A secret door is found to lead to a treasury. There is much rejoicing. The rumored entrance to the underdark is also noted before they return to finish exploring Jzadirune.

During a lengthy exploration where little is found, they encounter a Grell and the ghostly figure of a gnomish King (an illusion) who speaks the following –

“Betrayed are we by our own magic, one by one we fade away – Jzadirune lost! Oh how tragic! We curse the vanishing day.”

Completing the exploration of the ruins, little else is found.

Returning to the surface they look for examples of this “Goblin Graffiti” they had heard about. After asking around several examples are found –

  • “Snerk smells like dung!”
  • “Hey cage makers! This is our town Too!”
  • “Drakthar is the fog!”

They post watch in an area where the goblins seem to be active. Three goblins are spotted. Due to bad luck (bad dice) on the part of the party, one of the goblins mistakenly believes that he is, in fact, a ninja and voices this observation repeatedly, much to the annoyance of the party. Realigning their karma (swapping out dice) rectifies this problem and two of the goblins are quickly dispatched while a third escapes. Glad for the arrival of goblin ears that are not his own, Yakoff eagerly harvests them. Nothing more is discovered.

End of Session 4.



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