Abciximab's Shackled City

Session 6.

Drakthar's Way.

Session 6 Recap

  • Adam B. – Human Druid (4th)
  • Adam J. – Shade the Gnome Sword Sage (4th)
  • Pete – Zartan the Human Ranger (2nd)/Rogue (1st)
  • Seth – Whisper the Human Duskblade (4th)
  • NPC – Yakoff Smirnoff the Goblin manservant, Warrior (1st)/Scout (1st)

More goblins.

Having defeated a swarm of the backstabbing little blighters, the party finds themselves confronting a pair of spell casting little blighters. Whisper is quickly dropped by a combination of Scorching Ray, Sleep and Burning Hands. Reaction is strong and swift and these new enemies are dispatched. In the rooms the goblins emerged from the party finds a cauldron that seems to be able to boil fluids without the need for a fire. It seems useful at first and the party considers many schemes involving its use. This quickly ends as the downside is realized. It weighs 250lbs.

Exploring a little further they come across a boy and his dog. A goblin and his warg actually and two other goblins hiding off to the side quickly join the fray as well. They don’t live long enough to regret that decision.

The party decides to explore a little more and then rest. Finding a room at the end of a long hall with only one exit and what appears to be a limitless supply of water pouring into a basin. They declare it base camp and rest a keg of pilfered oil against the door as a security measure.

They are awakened all too soon by the sound of axes hacking at the door. Everyone piles into the pool of water as Zartan tips the keg of oil over spilling the contents across the floor and unblocking the door. He quickly jumps into the water filled basin and throws a vial of alchemists fire to ignite the oil as a number of goblins spill into the chamber. They are quickly roasted. As the flames die down they hear the sound of laughter coming from down the hall.

While the group agrees that it was pretty damn funny, they are concerned that someone is apparently laughing at the death of what were, in all likelihood, his allies. Stepping through the wafting smoke and dieing flames Zartan enters the hall to see a bugbear standing on the ceiling. Make that a bugbear with rather prominent canines standing on the ceiling. The entire party expresses concern over this revelation.

Once again demonstrating how good tactics and decent fire support can overcome most any obstacle, the overconfident vampiric bugbear is pummeled down to his gaseous form. There is some debate as to whether or not to pursue the now fleeing mist as they have yet to rest for any meaningful amount of time. They finally decide to try to follow him to what is hopefully his coffin so they can stake him and end the threat.

The gaseous vampire instead leads them to a natural cavern where they are ambushed by darkmantles. The creatures are quickly slaughtered, but the vampire escapes. Realizing their resources are depleted and more combat is likely, the party goes topside to rest.

Deciding against the Druids plan to simply throw Orak Stonehaven into Crater Lake, he is instead turned over to Jenya at the church of St Cuthbert. The party tells Jenya of the presence of a vampire below the city and explains how this poor bastard is dominated by the undead abomination. She promises to help Orak and gives the party a good deal on a new healing wand.

Disappointed by the party’s rejection of his recycling plans, the Druid tells the party he has business to attend to and heads out the main gate.

After a good mornings rest they return to the underground complex. The Druid and his new animal companion, a black panther, meet them at the bathhouse. Continuing down the natural cavern they walk into a goblin ambush. Arrows and spears are launched from both parties but the main staple of this melee seems to be fire. Various spellcasters on both sides of the conflict fill the chamber with cones and rays of fire. Many goblins are left charred heaps, while the party is merely well done.

Climbing up onto a ledge, the group continues down a hall of worked stone where more goblin archers are found. They are quickly joined by another spell slinging goblin (the bane of the groups existence) and two shocker lizards. As with the other forces they have faced so far, these reinforcements are just not enough.

Everyone is especially pleased with Yakoff’s skills with a bow. There are a few suggestions that he be made a full-fledged member and Shade should be the new lackey. After a bit of good-natured ribbing, this idea is scrapped. For now.

End of Session 6



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