A tempermental hunter, with a knack for traps


Zartan Rngr 6, Rogue 5, Fgtr 1 Shackelborn, and Smoking eye. Rolls with a great sword+1 bane evil outsiders and light armor. AC 23-24 if flanking.


Zartan is a Ranger6/Rogue5/Fighter1, in the shackled city campaign. Raised between the streets of Cauldron and the underdark. He is a skilled ranger when underground, or in dungeon-like environs. He even served as a city guard in Cauldron for a short time giving him a good repoir with the other guards. Prefering a tight group of friends and the few people that he trusts, Zartan prides himself on tracking down people, and has an aversion to evil outsiders.

Zartan was born a scarred soul and carries the mark of the shackelborn…he is quick on his feet, and tenacious in battle, often fighting until only sheer will hold him up.(die hard) It is rare that Zartan is not first to act in a fight (+9 initiative or +11 in a dungeon favored terrain), and uses that opportunity to his best advantage. When catching his foe off guard or fighting with a team mate he is a brutal combatant. Traps and locks amuse him and he is willing to try his hand at disarming almost any trap he comes across, both success and failure compel him to try harder.


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