Kazmuk Splintershield

Bondar's 'cohort'


Favored Soul 10;

Journal: “Upon divining the whereabouts of the new Splintershield Clan Leader – the eldest son- I assumed to find Zenith; but instead ended up at the doorstep of a lakeside home populated by a dwarf, some sort of spiked-shield-wielding spellcaster, a few catfolk- including a warlock!- an intimidating ranger, a paladin, and, of all things Holy, a goblin! It appears that intrigue is in the air; Zenith has been led away, but this ‘Bondar’ truly seems- through divinity- to be the King. I shall attend this new Master, to see if he, along with his companions, can not only restore Clan Splintershield but also right the perceived wrongs here in the Cauldron area. Nonetheless, we shall work to open again the mines of our people. This Bondar, though…”


Kazmuk Splintershield

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