House Rules

Natural 20 – If you roll a natural 20 (Not just a “Threat” it has to be a Natural 20) your weapon does maximum damage.

Confirmed criticals – If you confirm a critical the 1st die of your damage is maximized.

Hit Points per Level – After 1st level you must roll for your hit points. All PC will recieve at least 1/2 their maximum hit points per level. For example, if you roll a d8 for hit points you will recieve 5-8 hit points per level (+ con bonus).

Replacement Characters – Replacement characters must use 28 point buy (as per character generation guidelines in the player handout). They do not get to chose a Local Trait as your initial PC’s did. They enter the game 1 level lower than your current character. +1 LA will not count toward the total (If your character is 6th level your replacement can be 5th level even with a +1 LA). LA’s higher than 1 will count toward total level but at one level lower. (+2 LA replacement for the same character mentioned above would be 4th level + LA +2-1 for an ECL of 5).

Raising the Dead – Revivify will bring back a character (must be cast within 1 round of death) with no level loss. If the PC is raised with Raise Dead the character will remain their current level but suffer -1 to hit, saves and skill checks and when they are healed by magical means they heal -1 hp/die rolled. (Cure Moderate is usually 2d8+caster level, for a raised character it would be 2d8+caster level-2.) This penalty lasts until the character gains a level and then all penalties disappear. (This same rule will apply for level loss by undead and is cumulative. Negative Levels Stack.)

House Rules

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