Welcome to Abciximab’s Shackled City Campaign Web Page.

We play every other Monday so updates will be bi-weekly. If you stop by please feel free to leave questions or comments.

Campaign Progress

  • Sessions 1-4         Life’s Bazaar.
  • Sessions 5-7         Drakthar’s Way.
  • Sessions 8-11       Flood Season.
  • Sessions 11-14     Zenith Trajectory.
  • Sessions 15-17     Demonskar Legacy.
  • Sessions 17-21     Test of the Smoking Eye.
  • Sessions 21-25     Secrets of the Soul Pillars.
  • Sessions 25-28     Lords of Oblivion.
  • Sessions 28-30     Foundation of Flame.
  • Sessions 30-34     Thirteen Cages.
  • Sessions 35-38     Strike on Shatterhorn.
  • Sessions 38-41     Asylum.

Session Recaps.

Take a look at the wiki. There is more helpful info there.

Abciximab's Shackled City

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